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Rome Puzzle is a free game for lovers of logic games. With an Ancient Rome theme, you can enjoy reconstructing ancient
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24 May 2011

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We may be living in a high-tech era today, but still there are many people who are passionate about the old classics of monarchy system and empires. Such people usually have a spirit for the King’s rule on the empire and the logic and strategy of some of the most famous rulers who showed remarkable abilities in building their empires and conquering others. Our advanced information technology provides answers to all these problems. Thus, you can find a number of games which let you feel yourself as a ruling power of the old classics and use your logical skills to build your empire. Rome Puzzle v.1.0 is a good option for such people.

Rome Puzzle by GameTop is a freeware, logic and brain teaser matching game designed to provide infinite entertainment to the player. The game has very nice and colorful graphics based on the Ancient Roman theme which is capable of luring a person in the first sight. The theme of the game lets the user feel like the ruling hand of an ancient roman empire in which he constructs his own relics and roman monuments by solving some brain twisting and mind bending puzzles. The player initially starts with a small village in his empire which he develops and builds up into a large dynasty by proceeding further through the levels. In the game, the player collects required items and places the matching ones in rows. It features eight special bonuses which players can collect in order to speed up the game. It has hundred levels which are divided amongst five historical roman periods. Each of the levels consists of about twenty tasks with different levels of difficulty.

All in all, Rome Puzzle v.1.0 is a nice entertainer and a logic driven game with simplified controlling and functionality and attractive graphics. Hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Rome Puzzle is one of many free games to choose from at Gametop. For lovers of challenging brain teasers and logic games, Rome Puzzle will undoubtedly provide many hours of entertainment. As the name of the game suggests, it has an Ancient Rome theme which gives you a great opportunity to feel some of the spirit of classical times by rebuilding monuments and reconstructing relics of the past. The game is played by collecting resources and placing matching items in a row. 8 special bonuses are also included which you can obtain to speed up the game. 100 levels are included for you to work through. These levels are spread out over five different historical eras. The levels are combined with over 20 challenging tasks to keep you busy. When you start the game for the first time, you will begin with nothing more than a small village which can eventually become the capital of the Roman Empire itself! You can build a variety of unique Roman buildings, gradually building up the population of your settlement.
Rome Puzzle
Rome Puzzle
Version 1.0
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